Based in Norfolk and having exhibited extensively across the south of England, artist Lisa Almond draws inspiration from the land, sea and sky. These powerful elements have heavily influenced her work. Lisa’s paintings have an earthly feel to them, but sometimes they become more about shape and the relationship it has with the canvas. Music plays a huge part in the process and the artist allows the painting to reveal itself naturally and without question, similar to meditation. Using acid free tissue paper in a sculptural way, adding paint, Lisa often removes  these layers to expose underlying colours. Wishing to convey a feeling of peace while exploring colour and movement, the artist gives the observer an insight into the process  through which the pieces were created. A graduate of Camberwell College of Art, her interest lies in the unique atmosphere and sense of place provided by new locations, backed up by observing and documenting the constantly changing light and weather, allowing each work to convey some of the essence of the artist’s experience.

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